About Us

We started The Brown Girl’s Guide podcast as a way of chatting about all the things we wish we knew growing up. We touch on everything from moving out for the first time to coloured accents in the workplace and more. If it’s something we wish we’d discussed or knew more about growing up, we’re going to talk about it. 

As for us, we met when we ended up working at the same company and we haven’t stopped chatting and annoying our colleagues since. So, instead of just keeping these random conversations between us, we decided to record them for a podcast. Then we decided to write about it too. This space – from the podcast to the website – is a place where we hope you learn a bit more about life, love, politics, travel, setting goals and more. It’s a resource centre for brown women from South Africa because we are very much not catered for when it comes to the media. We hope you enjoy!  

About Kelly Fisher

Kelly Fisher

Hi, I’m Kelly! I was born and raised in Cape Town and  I grew up in Strandfontein on the Cape Flats. I went to schools in the Southern Suburbs, so if I’m honest, I’m always a little confused about where I fit in within my community. Haha. 

I’ve always been passionate about empowerment – especially when it comes to young people of colour – so, with this podcast and website I hope to dig into that passion a bit more and see how I can help. 

When I’m not working my 9-5 in the PR industry or working on BGG, you can probably find my chilling at home in the Northern Suburbs with my husband, three kids (step-kids to be transparent, but I like calling them my kids) and two dogs.

About Amber April

Amber April  - Brown Girl's Guide podcast

Hi, I’m Amber! I am a twenty-something year old PR professional, born and bred in Cape Town. For as long as I can remember, I have been referred to as a chatterbox. I love communicating so much that I made it my career. From politics and activism to makeup and fashion, there is nothing I don’t love talking about. Besides talking and sharing my thoughts (all the time), my loves include my family and friends, my dog Archie, trying out different food, and discovering new places in my city, and abroad. 

I’d like for this podcast to bring new perspectives to women of colour, and for them to feel as though they’re talking to two of their friends. I want coloured and black women to not only be part of a conversation, but to make one of their own, and that’s what I hope we achieve with Brown Girl’s Guide.