A focus on mental health: What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed

In our second episode of season one of The Brown Girl’s Guide podcast, we had a discussion about mental health and how much (or little) this was discussed when we were growing up. You can listen to that full episode here. 

What we want to provide you with here are five things that we encourage to help you cope if you are feeling overwhelmed and as though your mental health is taking a bit of a knock. 

  1. Just do one thing

For those who suffer from anxiety and depression, the thought of getting through an entire day could feel insanely difficult. So, we’re saying don’t think about the whole day. Just think about one thing that you can do – the next step. Perhaps it’s making your bed or taking a shower – just do that one thing, and then see if you can do the next. Soon enough, you will hopefully find that you have made it through the day in one piece. 

  1. Read your favourite book

Reading is an amazing means of escapism. If you’re feeling stressed about work or just life in general and you need to take your mind off things for a while, pick up your favourite book and take a dive into a whole other world. Escape into your book for a while and when you put it down, you might realise that you’ve managed to ease some of the stress that you had been feeling. 

  1. Make time to relax

Taking a break from the everyday things that stress you out will be a welcome release for your mental health. Do something different like going for a walk around the block or sitting in the garden or use 10 minutes to meditate or dance around the room. Whatever relaxes you, do that for a few minutes as often as possible. 

  1. Take your medicine

If you’re on medication for anxiety or depression, do not forget to take it. It’s there to help you, so use it when you need it. There is zero shame in needing medication to help balance things out for you. 

  1. Speak to friends and family

If you just need someone to unload on, reach out to a loved one and tell them how you are feeling. You might be surprised at how many people want to be there for you and help you through your difficulties. You might also find that you are not alone in your struggles and that many others are feeling as though they are struggling too. It helps to speak about it. 

You can also reach out to any of the below for some added help or advice. 

SADAG Mental Health Line – 011 234 4837

Cipla 24hr Mental Health Helpline – 0800 456 789

SADAG suicide emergency line – 0800 567 567 –

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