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    The Brown Girl’s Guide podcast was created to talk about things we wish we knew growing up – or things we wish we’d paid more attention to. This website is an extension of the podcast with blogs on topics we can’t quite unpack on the podcast or things we have discussed and wish to dive into a bit more. It’s an extension of our community and we hope you enjoy!

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    Four ways to prepare yourself for the working world

    Starting off in your career journey is never easy, and learning along the way is guaranteed to be quite a challenge. What I’ve found is that many of those in positions of privilege, like white people (especially men), have an easier time finding their place in a working environment due to having more support and resources. It doesn’t have to always be this way, and by helping each other as women of colour, we can aim to be more prepared for our careers. Read on for four tips on how to best do so.  Start believing you’re an adult  This may sound silly, but you will know what I mean…

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    Five hair care tips for curly hair

    There was very little (if any) encouragement to embrace your natural hair while I was growing up. My hair is very curly and as a result of the media at the time and not being shown the beauty of natural hair, it wasn’t until much later that I started to appreciate my mane of curls. Now, however, things are different and as a result of having so many natural hair advocates and a change in the narrative around curly hair, so many more girls and women are just leaving their hair as is. If you’re keen to do the same, here are five tips that will help you when caring…

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    A focus on mental health: What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed

    In our second episode of season one of The Brown Girl’s Guide podcast, we had a discussion about mental health and how much (or little) this was discussed when we were growing up. You can listen to that full episode here.  What we want to provide you with here are five things that we encourage to help you cope if you are feeling overwhelmed and as though your mental health is taking a bit of a knock.  Just do one thing For those who suffer from anxiety and depression, the thought of getting through an entire day could feel insanely difficult. So, we’re saying don’t think about the whole day.…

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    Studying (or not) after school

    Many people go through life wanting to study after school, but if we’re honest with ourselves, not many people will actually get the opportunity to study after school. This happens for various reasons that I won’t get into here, but I wanted to use this piece to explain that getting a college or university qualification isn’t the only way to ensure success after school.  There are many ways to upskill yourself after school and not all of these are through conventional tertiary institutions. I’m not knocking the benefit of the tertiary qualification, but it’s not the only path to walk and, if we’re being honest, it’s an expensive path that…